Aluminium Caps

Aluminum End Cap provides the finishing touch to your project which could be aluminum fencing once installed onto the top of each aluminum fencing paling. We Tigerlink have a huge range of Aluminium end caps for Aluminium Profiles with T-slot grooves. Also Plastic and Steel end caps for any profiles.

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P/N Size
CP401 50x10(0.9mm wall)
CP430 50x10(1.6mm wall)
CP411 50x10(1.2mm wall)
CP402 38x25(1.6mm wall)
CP403 50x25(1.6mm wall)
CP409 65x16(1.6mm wall)
CP417 65x16(1.6mm wall)
CP425 75x16(1.6mm wall)
CP410 75x16(1.6mm wall)
CP412 75x16(1.6mm wall)
CP407 30x30(1.6mm wall)
CP710 50x50mm
CP712 65x65mm