Aluminium Decorative Fence Caps in Balmain 90x90mm

Our decorative caps can be installed in two different ways. Some decorative caps are push to fit whereas others require mounting on top of the post. This depends on the size of decorative post you have ordered. The 90X90mm, 100x100mm, 120x120mm are push to fit installation, whereas the 125mmx125mm and 150x150mm are installed by mounting and screwing onto the top of the post.

These caps are push to fit, which are easier to install. You just simply slide them onto the post. If you are want to add some extra support and security to the caps, you can apply a line of silicon around the end of your post. Gently lower the cap onto it, clean up excess silicon and allow to dry for a few days. Alternatively you can drill a hole through the side of the decorative cap and fix it with a screw.

When designing your fence please keep in mind to allow approximately 70mm extra height for your decorative post caps.

Tigerlink Hardware 

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