How to insert a sliding gate wheel into your frame

Author: Kevin   Date Posted:3 November 2017 

Try not to weld them onto the sliding gate frame it will be a nightmare to replace them later

Step one. Measure the sliding gate wheel cradle allowing enough room to attach the sliding gate wheel to the steel frame, I use a cutting wheel but first drill 4 holes, one in each corner so the square hole is clean in each corner using 8-10mm drill.

Step Two. Clean the rectangular hole with a file and then spray with a galvanized paint

Step Three. Place the wheel in the cut out and make sure the sliding gate wheel can turn freely and there enough room for screwing in the tek screw.

Step Four. When you start to screw in your tek screws make sure the sliding gate wheel is inline with the edge of the steel, last thing we want is the wheel to be not in alignment. Don't weld the wheel if you can help it this only makes it harder to replace them later on. 

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