How to lay floor track for a sliding gate

Author: Kevin   Date Posted:3 November 2017 

Step 1
Lay the track end to end

Step 2
Use the Tube joiner supplied this provides easy alignment of the track and provides access for a wire if required to supply power or to connect Safety beams from one side to the other under the track instead of digging under the driveway.

Step 3
Make sure there enough of the tube joiner in both end of the track and the wire is laying centre of the track.

Step 4
Bring the ends together

Step 5
Drill the first hole making sure the required depth is drilled,

A hammer drill with a masonary drill is required.

Step 6
Once the hole depth has been reached simply push in Zipfix and hammer down the nail this will expand in the hole making a solid fixing to hold down the floor track

Step 7
Continue to drill the remainder 4 holes

Step 8
Once all the holes are drilled it should look like this

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