DIY Fence Aluminium Panels

Author: Kevin   Date Posted:14 February 2018 

DIY Aluminium Fencing panels

Please call or email us for price and shipping cost.

We have 2 size 1100x1050mm $99 and 1700x1000mm $165

1. Put the post in the ground
2. Screw the sub frame onto the post
3. Click in the panels and secure
Never paint Again
Never Rust

1.  Place the post either in the ground or on base plates (we can supply either)
(recommended 65x65mm Galvanized Steel Post)


2.  Screw on the sub frame rails 900mm apart with self tappers

3. Click in the panels and secure with self tappers

DIY Fence Panel Frames are used between posts or Pillars
DIY panel frames are supplied with 4 lugs on each corner, and can be dyna-bolted or screwed to posts or walls.
Panel frames are supplied with a galvanized finish, but powder coating is also available, at extra cost.

Great Idea
For that time when you might need temporary access to the backyard place a fence panel in your timber fence - (...Removable Panel...)

DIY fence panels can be attached to:
1.Timber posts
2.Steel posts
3.Brick works

Post to Post with DIY Fence Panel - Horizontal Supports

Post to Post with DIY Fence Panel - Vertical Supports

Brick fence wall with DIY Fence Panel

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