Round Steel Galvabond Caps


Refer to above diagram

Nominal Bore (NB) is the inside diameter of the pipe

Outside diameter (OD) is the outside diameter of the pipe.

T - The wall thickness of the pipe. The greater the thickness the outside diameter expands not the inside diameter.

Pipe has always been supplied by this way. Mainly pipe is used in the Gas and water industry so the inside diameter is important. The more water and gas the more pressure and the thicker the wall thickness need to be. In saying that there is round gal pipe designed for structural use. 

We have two different types of caps below. One is Galvabond and the other is galvanized. The difference between the two are:

  • GALVABOND is a zinc-coated commercial forming steel with a spangled surface unlike Galvanized Hot Dip. 
  • Galvanization - This is a process of applying a zinc protective coating to steel, to prevent it from rusting. One of the most common methods is hot-dip galvanizing, which involves submerged parts in a tank of molten zinc.


    Galvabond Round Steel End Caps  (Zinc Finish) 

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 Part Number   Outside Diametre   Nominal Bore 


16  mm 16NB 


  26.9 mm  20NB


 33.7 mm  25NB


  42.4 mm  32NB


48.5 mm 40NB


   60 mm  50NB


76.1 mm  65NB


   90 mm  80NB


101.5 mm  90NB


115 mm 100NB


140 mm 125NB


165 mm 150NB


220 mm 200NB


        Galvabond Round Steel End Caps - (Black)  

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Part Number             Outside Diameter (Millimetres)
CP538B                                   16 mm
CP539B 26.9 mm
CP540B 33.7 mm
CP542B  42.4 mm 
CP544B 48.5 mm
CP546B                                   60 mm
CP552B 76.1 mm
CP555B                                    90 mm
CP562B 101.5 mm
CP565B 115 mm 
CP575B 165 mm
CP580B                                   220 mm 



  (Hot Dipped Galvanised) Round Steel End Caps 

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Part Number     Outside Diameter (Millimetres)
CP541  20 mm
CP543  25 mm
CP545 32 mm
CP547 40 mm
CP548 50 mm
CP550 65 mm
CP556 80 mm
CP560 90 mm
CP566 100 mm