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Aluminium and Steel Brackets are designed to hold fence panels between brick pillars and steel post, easy to install using self-drilling Tek screws, we can powder coat them to most colors and turnaround is fast. The steel brackets are made from galvabond steel. 

Aluminum Bracket

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P/N Size
BK506 40x10mm Single lug
BK508 50x10mm Single lug
BK510 25x25 Single lug
BK512 25x25 Double lugs 
BK520 38x25 Single lug
BK522 38x25 Double lugs
BK524 38x25 for Brick
BK518 30x30 Single lug
BK516 30x30 Double lugs
BK528 40x40mm Double lugs
BK530 50x50 Double lugs
BK525 50x25mm Single lug   
BK526 50x25mm for Brick

Steel Bracket

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BK430 25x25 Single lug
BK434 25x25 Double lugs
BK432 25x25 Single Black
BK442 30x30 Single lug
BK445 30x30 Double lugs
BK447 30x30 Single Black
BK458 38x25 Single lug
BK459 38x25 Double lugs
BK461 38x25 Single Black
BK462 38x25 Double Black
BK460 38x25 for Brick
BK464 38x25 Brick Black
BK495 40x40 Single lug
BK485 40x40 Double lugs
BK496 40x40 Single Black
BK487 40x40 Double Black
BK488 50x50 Double Lugs
BK489 50x50 Double Black
BK463 50x25 Single lug
BK465 50x25 Double lugs
BK499 50x25 for Brick
BK466 50x25 Single Black
BK468 50x25 Double Black