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Adjustable Hinges

               Super adjustable gate hinge

Long Neck Adjustable

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P/N Gate Weight
HN044 - M20     120 kg
HN046 - M24     225 kg
HN258 - M30     800 kg
HN047 - M20 with Bracket                   120 kg                   
HN048 - M24 with Bracket                       225 kg                
           HGHA122                  150 kg - Galvanised
HGHA336       150 kg - Galvanised


Barrel Type Adjustable Hinge for Gate up to 120 kg

       adjustable hinge with plate    

P/N Neck Length
HN470 90mm
HN472 120mm
 HN474 150mm
HN480 90mm with bracket
HN482 150mm with Plate


Adjustable Hinge with weld on washer

150 kg adjustable gate hinge     

P/N Size
HGHA290 20mm Zinc
HN292 24mm Zinc
HGHA116 20mm Galvanised
HGHA112 20mm Galv Collar


Adjustable Hinge with Fixing Plate

P/N Neck Size
HN280 20mm - Zinc
HN282 24mm - Zinc
HN284 20mm - Galvanised


Light Gate Hinges for Gates up to 25kg

                25x25 self closing hinge for swimming pool gate

P/N  Gate Frame Size
HN784 25x25mm
HN792 30x30mm
HN790 38x25mm
HN793 40x40mm
HN795 50x50mm
HN786 25x25 - Self closing
HN794 30x30 - Self closing
HN796 38x25 - Self closing